API overview

This API is used to integrate with the NB-Fi Server, which can be either cloud-based (e.g. WAVIoT IoT platform), or installed on-premises or at the Data Concentration unit.

All HTTP API requests are sent over HTTPS using the GET, POST, PUT or DELETE methods, with content sent as JSON in the request body.

The API server for the cloud-based NB-Fi Server (WAVIoT IoT platform) is https://api.waviot.com. If you have the on-premises NB-Fi Server, use their address instead.

The AMQP API allows to send and receive NB-Fi messages using AMQP queue.

If you already have a registered account at the NB-Fi Server platform, you can retrieve the user token to get access to the raw data from the NB-Fi Server or the processed data of your NB-Fi devices from the WAVIoT MDM system (if installed together).