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The NB-Fi hub is a place to find out how to develop IoT devices based on the NB-Fi technology that optimize operations, accelerate growth, and change entire industries for the better.

NB-Fi is an LPWAN-class wireless communication technology, which provides long range communication between devices, both in remote areas and in dense urban environments. NB-Fi technology is perfect for building Internet of Things networks and deploying IIoT ptojects, Automated Meter Reading, and City Infrastructure Management systems. There are more than 1,5 million of installed NB-Fi devices worldwide already with successful customer experiences across industries.

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NB-Fi technology

NB-Fi technology can be used in a wide range of IoT applications around the world with various types of RF transceivers
The NB-Fi transceiver features a fully integrated single-chip NB-Fi modem that provides long range communication with low power consumption for IoT applications
R&D tools, reference designs, open-source NB-Fi library and products hardware design, and free access to the could NB-Fi Server allow to develop new IoT devices easily