WAVIoT IoT Platform for the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a comprehensive solution to process all information from various IoT devices with NB-Fi radiomodules that transmit data via the NB-Fi network.

WAVIoT IoT Platform can be used in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Smart Grid systems for power transmission and distribution, utility supply and management, energy services, agriculture, manufacturing, transport and logistics. WAVIoT IoT Platform collects, analyzes and stores data from millions of devices. The energy and utility sector will greatly benefit from the implementation of WAVIoT IoT Platform, as it reduces costs, increases convenience and improves security for the suppliers, customers and consumers. WAVIoT IoT Platform is a cloud-based software that consists of the NB-Fi server (Head End System or HES) and the Meter Data Management System (MDM system or MDMS). WAVIoT IoT Platform collects and processes primary information from utility meters, sensors, gauges and other IoT devices, and provides tools for data analysis and visualization. WAVIoT IoT Platform with its flexible API capabilities ensures integration with other IT systems, expanding the range of possible use cases.

NB-Fi devices connected to WAVIoT IoT Platform via the NB-Fi protocol use significantly less power and operate over large distances compared to other wireless technologies which require more power and work best in short range. Numerous devices send data through WAVIoT bidirectional base stations. The base stations then detect, demodulate, and transfer received messages to WAVIoT HES. WAVIoT HES is a communication and data collection layer between IoT devices and WAVIoT IoT Platform. WAVIoT HES supports IoT device management, NB-Fi base stations and gateways management, user management, and stores all raw data from IoT devices. WAVIoT HES provides access to raw data from IoT devices to third-party IT systems and applications via API. WAVIoT Meter Data Management system requests or collects, validates and processes data from utility meters and shares it with customers. The MDM system sends and receives data to/from WAVIoT HES ensuring automatic end-to-end intelligent metering and utility meters control. WAVIoT MDM system has API that allows exchanging data with the customer’s applications, such as accounting and billing systems, customer care systems and solutions for data analytics. WAVIoT MDM system is offered in a web-based interface and as a mobile application.

WAVIoT MDM system provides accurate real-time energy consumption and power quality information from WAVIoT electricity meters, real-time detection of critical events in grid (unauthorized open lid of the meter, unauthorized power supply disconnection or tampering with the meter, etc.).

Access to WAVIoT IoT Platform is granted for all owners of NB-Fi devices. WAVIoT IoT Platform can be deployed on-premises (in a corporate network) to build a private IoT network for customers from various sectors of the economy.

High level of information security and integrity of data in WAVIoT IoT Platform comes on the back of NB-Fi wireless communication protocol and role-based access control mechanisms. NB-Fi protocol supports end-to-end encryption at all layers using the AES-256 – symmetric block cipher algorithm with 256-bit encryption key.


Key advantages of WAVIoT MDM system

Multi-utility support (electricity, gas, water, heat, etc.), event and alarm management, customizable consumption reports for each device and for the groups of parent and nested devices
Remote device control and set up, including load relay limit control and firmware upgrades
Advanced tariffing engine for WAVIoT electricity meters – support of very complex tariffing schemes
Powerful communication and control engine – simultaneous operation of thousands of NB-Fi devices
Scalable solution for large AMI projects and smart metering systems, supporting meters from different manufacturers connected via NB-Fi modems
Support DLMS interface to meters and API for third-party applications, including accounting and billing systems

All components of WAVIoT IoT Platform are developed by WAVIoT and can be customized and tailored to various industrial applications on demand.