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140,000 smart electricity meters deployed in four regional distribution grid companies

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140,000 smart electricity meters deployed in four regional distribution grid companies

One of the NB-Fi based significant projects in 2019 was the supply of more than 140,000 electricity meters for four regional distribution grid companies of the “Rosseti PJSC” – the one of the largest grid companies in the world.

In 2018-2019, the four Smart Grid projects were installed the 56, 34, 27 and 23 thousand of WAVIoT electricity meters with built-in NB-Fi modules respectively. These projects are the largest deployments of IoT based Smart meters in the country. Smart grid enables efficient and effective energy management and control, reduces the cost of production, saves energy, and is more reliable than the conventional grid. Smart electricity meters also help energy companies to effectively detect and prevent electric power theft, as well as identify loss sources, which improves the reliability of energy supplying.

With NB-Fi communication technology, WAVIoT Smart electricity meter collects the data from the consumer and sends it to NB-Fi base stations through an NB-Fi radio. Afterward, the data is delivered to the distribution grid companies.

As advanced energy meters, WAVIoT single-phase and three-phase Smart electricity meters can measure energy in two directions: consumption (how much energy the customer consumes from the grid), and generation (how much excess energy the customer exports back to the grid). WAVIoT Smart electricity meters allow controlling them by sending the commands for bulk switch-off of the meters’ load relays and bulk setting of the tariff schedule.


WAVIoT electricity meters measure the following parameters

Electric grid parameters: phase voltage, line voltage, current in each phase, active, reactive, and total power (for each phase and overall), instantaneous power factor in each phase and overall, AC frequency
Power quality parameters of electric energy: positive and negative voltage deviation, frequency deviation, voltage dip duration and depth, overvoltage duration
Active energy in each tariff, total active energy in kW·h, reactive energy in each tariff, total reactive energy in kvar·h

The online Meter Data Management system can then provide real-time monitoring of household electricity consumption, solar production and the amount of excess solar power being exported to the grid.

WAVIoT electricity meters were installed everywhere in the regions, even in those spaces where the GSM network coverage was absent. The actual average distance between WAVIoT electricity meters and base stations on these projects was 3 km in urban areas and 7 km in rural areas. Almost all NB-Fi base stations in rural areas were installed on poles, as there were no higher places nearby. In these four projects, along with electricity meters in standard cases, WAVIoT also supplied meters for outdoor installation (on power utility poles). Such electricity meters can be supplied with remote displays that, besides using the WAVIoT MDM system, allow customers to get the data from the meter via short-range connectivity (“Split system” – the meters and displays are separated).


WAVIoT IoT Platform

WAVIoT IoT Platform for the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a comprehensive solution to process all information from various IoT devices with NB-Fi transceiver that transmit data via the NB-Fi network.

WAVIoT IoT Platform can be used in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and Smart Grid systems for power transmission and distribution, utility supply and management, energy services, agriculture, manufacturing, transport and logistics. WAVIoT IoT Platform collects, analyzes and stores data from millions of devices. The energy and utility sector will greatly benefit from the implementation of WAVIoT IoT Platform, as it reduces costs, increases convenience and improves security for the suppliers, customers and consumers.
WAVIoT IoT Platform is a cloud-based software that consists of the NB-Fi server (Head End System or HES) and the Meter Data Management System (MDM system or MDMS). WAVIoT IoT Platform collects and processes primary information from utility meters, sensors, gauges and other IoT devices, and provides tools for data analysis and visualization. Flexible API capabilities ensures integration with other IT systems, expanding the range of possible use cases.

WAVIoT IoT Platform can be installed in a corporate network and integrated with corporate AMI or enterprise system.

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Industry solutions

Build LPWAN IoT solutions for a wide range of industries requiring energy-efficient and long-distance data transmission with autonomous work, easy installation of devices, and fast ROI.

Industrial Automation

NB-Fi technology allows to design end-to-end IIoT applications helping businesses to implement efficient solutions that enable data exchange with devices and machines and ensure integration of automation in enterprise-level IT systems. With NB-Fi modems based on the NB-Fi transceiver, you will connect your devices to the NB-Fi Server and rapidly develop any kind of industrial application.
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Smart Cities

IoT solutions for Smart Cities based on NB-Fi technology allow municipalities and utilities to make faster and better decisions that will lead to greater efficiency, safety and quality of life for people. More comprehensive and real-time data from devices, sensors and gauges gives the ability to monitor events, collect, analyze and use data to improve processes and optimize the consumption of valuable resources.
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Smart Grids and Utilities

Positive examples of the implementation of Smart Grid and Advanced Metering Infrastructure projects in different countries show that it is possible to reduce the level of electricity losses in the grid by 20% of the total energy supply. Funds saved thanks to the reduction of losses can be used to implement Smart Grid infrastructure projects – installation of smart electricity meters, retrofitting of existing metering devices, launching of new services.
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Smart Farming

The IoT-based smart farming system for collection and analysis of data from sensors (soil moisture, humidity, temperature) and for automation of the irrigation system helps farmers monitor the field conditions, improve the quality of decision-making and reduce the losses.
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Monitoring and Security

The IIoT solutions for remote monitoring of transportation and storage conditions, asset tracking and preventing product theft for supply chains, alarm systems and employee safety improve the business processes and prevent hazards.
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