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NB-Fi Alliance Unites the Industry to Further Ultra-Narrowband Technology for IoT

WAVIoT, NERO Electronics along with Radik Solutions, HoloNet Networks, Metering Ltd and EyeWatt announced the official launch of the NB-FI Alliance, a group of companies united to catalyze the development of NB-Fi – the protocol for Ultra-Narrowband Wide Area wireless networks for Internet of Things (IoT). The mission of the NB-Fi Alliance is to bring […]

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Ultra Narrowband NEXT GEN Technology

Super Smart

Smart spectrum utilization algorithm is highly optimized and allows the use of 100% of available channels. With 50 Hz channel width NB-Fi is considered as the de facto standard for long-range communication.

Sophisticated algorithms and SDR-technology allows processing a wide spectral band providing a capacity of 2 000 000 devices per one base station.

Super Secure

Our technology was designed from the ground up for machines, and includes advanced security features.

All connections on radio interface is encrypted using XTEA-2 and HTTPS, the state of the art security standards used worldwide for protecting top-secret information.

Enterprise Ready

Avoid building your network and hardware "from scratch" when designing IoT solutions.

With NB-Fi Alliance support and extensive documentation you can deliver your product easier and faster.


Being not capacity constrained NB-Fi Technology allows you to create networks with an almost unlimited number of devices.

Low Cost

$4.99 for the NB-Fi transceiver or $3.0 for the firmware for the NB-Fi compatible transceiver seems to be the best price on LPWAN market to bring IoT connectivity into your device.

Ultra Long Range

Full duplex SDR gateways with sensitivity
-150 dBm ensures a total link budget
up to 174 dBm with up to 10 km range in urban area and 10+ km in rural area.

NB-Fi vs other LPWAN

NB-Fi is a proven way of achieving long-range RF communication and offering a superior availability and scalability versus other LPWAN systems

NB-Fi Protocol
other LPWAN
Spectrum efficiency HighLow
Channels in 50 kHz1 0240
Channels in 500 kHz10 2404
Link Budget-174 dBm-161 dBm
Gateway capacity2 000 000+ devices250 000 devices
Preambule / Leader sequence length4 Bytes10-100 Bytes
Battery efficiencyHigh
TX and RX dominated by payload data
TX and RX dominated by leader sequence
Transceiver pricefrom $4.99$8
Join NB-Fi Alliance Now!

Affordable Membership Fees

Our members come from organisations of all types around the world covering all aspects of the IoT ecosystem.
The Alliance members will collaborate to drive the NB-Fi technology worldwide by sharing knowledge and experience to guarantee interoperability in one open global standard.




For Schools or Universities
Access to all NB-Fi documentation and files

10 licenses for free

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$ 1000


Access to Members Protected Area
Access to all NB-Fi documentation and files
Special licensing for the NB-Fi firmware from WAVIOT *

Licenses for 250 devices included

Device licensing (per device):

Fee Number of devices
$5.60: 1 – 3 000
$4.80: 3 000 – 10 000
$4.10: more than 10 000

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$ 4000


Everything in Gold, and
Participation in all NB-Fi Alliance Executive Events
Advanced Support
Special prices for equipment from WAVIoT

Licenses for 1 000 devices included

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* Please contact us for complete list of NB-Fi compatible transceivers. As an alternative, you can use the NB-Fi(v1) transceiver (coming soon).

Our Honorable Members



Radik Solutions


Frequently Asked Questions

Drop us an email if you couldn't find an answert to your question in the following list.

What is NB-Fi and what makes it such a great technology?

NB-Fi (Narrowband Fidelity) is a proprietary LPWAN protocol that uses DBPSK on physical layer for signal transmission with sophisticated mathematics and coding to do wide-area IoT networking.

What about capacity?

NB-Fi supports up to 1024 channels with 50 Hz bandwidth for each gateway within 50 kHz on 868 MHz frequency, which basically means 300 nodes may be transmitting simultaneously to the one gateway at a given point in time with a low collision rate.

Is NB-FI supports bi-directional links?

Yes, our technology is bi-directional with an 30 sec average uplink latency and 60 sec for downlink.

How I can pay my Membership Fee?

You can make payment online from your dashboard via credit card or use wire transfer.

NB-Fi technical details, please!

Modulation: DBPSK Devices bandwidth: 50 Hz– 25,6 kHz Minimum effective bitrate: 11 bits per second (8 bytes per 5.8 sec) Link budget: up to 174 dB Output power up to 25 dBm TX: 250mA @ 27Bm, 90mA @ 16dBm, 44mA @ 14dBm Sleep mode: 1.5 μA Supported frequency: 430 - 500 MHz and 860 - 925 MHz frequency ranges.

Can you promote my NB-Fi portfolio on NB-Fi Alliance website?

Shure! All NB-Fi solutions from our Honorable Members will be available on special catalogue & marketplace online.

What if I want to switch to another plan for Membership Subscription?

It's quick and easy to select other available Membership Subscription plan from your dashboard.

How long does a Membership Subscription last? Do I have to manually renew my Membership Subscription?

We offer annual subscriptions, which are set to automatically renew.

Other questions?

We're always available at hello@nb-fi.org